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About Us

“We adore chaos, because we love to produce order” - M.C. Escher

We’re a team of engineers, data scientists & financial market professionals who came together in 2017 with the dream of changing the way Enterprises manage, process & use unstructured data.

Growing up in the Financial Services industry, we’ve seen first-hand the arduous process of capturing, validating & standardizing unstructured data in order to ensure usability by internal systems. In situations where the cost of a small mistake can be disproportionately high, manual & repetitive data processing by trained staff has continued to be the most dependable choice. Navigating through, understanding & discovering critical information from third-party created documents, be it an external source or an upstream department, continues to be a challenge. Changing regulatory & audit requirements impose additional constraints on how Enterprises think about & manage third-party data.

Today, there is a better way - the Romulus way.

Trained on over 100 million diverse documents across the Financial Services universe, Romulus understands business documents the way subject matter experts do. Romulus reduces time, effort & risk in document processing activities & unlocks a host of additional capabilities that can run on top of its core engine.

Romulus in Action

Launched in 2019, Romulus has helped a wide variety of enterprise firms across geographies, including two $300bn+ AUM asset managers and a top 3 US bulge-bracket bank solve process automation & information discovery problems.
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100 million+

Hours saved in customer service delivery

5 Continents

Global Customer Base


Document types recognized

Our Leaders Have Decades of AI Experience

Meet the people behind Romulus

Prashant Vijay , Co-founder & CEO, Romulus

Prashant Vijay


Prashant Vijay

Prashant spent the first decade of his career working at Goldman Sachs in New York across Technology & Quantitative Trading. He subsequently spent time at IHS Markit as part of their India leadership team. Prashant is an alumnus of Tulane University & ISB Hyderabad.
Hari Balaji, Co-founder & COO, Romulus

Hari Balaji


Hari Balaji

Hari started his career with Deutsche Bank in London. He subsequently moved to Asia spending almost a decade at Goldman Sachs developing & delivering quantitative solutions & products. Hari is an alumnus of IIT Madras & IIM Ahmedabad.
Shalabh Jain

Shalabh Jain

Operations & Customer Success
Bhushan Pant

Bhushan Pant

Product & Data Science

Here's what we value in our team members

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We value those who are good at figuring out what they need to use, learn, build, re-purpose to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
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We like to be directive and not prescriptive in our management. We’d love for you to take ownership of what you work on, and tell us what to do, rather than the other way round.
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Work Ethic

We’ve grown up on Wall Street. We work hard and have aggressive goals. We want our team-mates to be focused, goal-oriented and consistent high achievers.
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Execution Focus

Our business is about getting things done, and getting things done right. We want outcome-focused colleagues who can multi-task, and execute quickly and elegantly.
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