Make your Documents Intelligent with Romulus


Romulus reads documents of all types, extracts relevant contextual information, understands linkages within and between, and automates processing, validation, searching and other manual tasks.


Transform your Docs with Romulus



Process individual documents or a corpus of documents and tag each document with persons, entities, concepts, terms and other such attributes



Autonomously organize a corpus of documents into meaningful groups based on their attributes rendering them useful for further reading, inspection or processing



Create a powerful map of data extracted as well as interlinkages between various documents, entities, people and concepts

Ask Questions

What is the fallback for LIBOR in my financing contracts?.

-Finance Head at Commodities Firm

Are any of our customers related to this Politically Exposed Person?

-Compliance Person at a Bank

Which of my funds are affected by the recent Cayman Islands tax ruling?.

-Fund Administrator at a PE Firm

Which of my contracts have a force-majeure clause in them?

-CFO of a Pharma Company

Which of my customers needs a call about the EU ban on carbamates?

-Corporate Salesperson at a Brokerage Firm

Which publicly listed companies manufacture hydroxychloroquine?

-Professional Investor

Build Custom Applications

Deal Document Manager

Ensure that you have everything in place to close a deal and to deal with future audits

KYC Assistant

Map information that has been filled out in a form against documents that have been provided as proofs

Compliance Toolbox

Analyze customer & employee data footprints, to identify conflicts & exposures

Under the Hood

Computer Vision

Romulus is able to extract data from scanned documents, images and much more using best in class computer vision and optical character recognition (OCR)

Natural Language Understanding

Romulus understands references to people, companies, concepts, legal terminology, jargon and develop contextual understanding

Knowledge Graphs

Romulus creates a powerful map of data extracted as well as interlinkages between various documents, entities, people & concepts 

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