Transform complex data into an entity view to provide you with a holistic view of entity data

Stay on top of a complex web of related entities using Romulus

Uncover latent insights & build intelligent applications that leverage these insights

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Enhance Decision-Making Process with Intelligent Entity Management

Romulus can discover & model latent interdependencies that exist between different nodes (entities such as people, organisations or abstract concepts such as events or dates) to create a rich layer of metadata on top of which intelligent applications can be built.

With Romulus’s entity management solution banking & financial services leaders can make sound decisions backed in data, enforce data governance & eliminate sources of operational risk.

Single source of truth

Romulus is document layout-agnostic so you don’t need to deal with templates or changes in templates

Discovers latent dependencies in seconds

Romulus uses powerful technology to identify interdependencies and linkages instantly

Disambiguates & Deduplicates

Romulus brings clarity by removing redundancies and distinguishing between entities that have a similar data footprint

Create Accountability & Uncover Latent Insights with Romulus

Romulus consumes data from multiple internal and external sources including financial systems, external websites, documents, etc.


Romulus can ingest data from multiple internal & external sources across financial databases, email, faxes, documents, etc.
Romulus to ensure high-quality and consistency across databases disambiguates, deduplicates and enhances the data.


Romulus disambiguates, de-duplicates & enhances data from each individual source to ensure completeness & consistency
Romulus aggregates extracted data from all documents to maintain data trail to create the Entity System of Records


Romulus aggregates enriched data across sources to maintain a data trail & to create a unifying System of Record
Romulus with its user-friendly entity search browser queries information and identifies linkages between the extracted and existing data


Romulus manifests a web of metadata & connectivity between entities powering applications that rely on complex queries of the underying data

Romulus can accurately read & understand a wide range of financial documents

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Unstructured Documents
Unstructured data include photos, video and audio files, agreement PDFs, legal documents, open-ended survey responses, websites, phone transcripts/recordings, etc.
Semi-Structured Documents
Semi-structured data include digital photos, SWIFT messages, emails messages, etc.
Structured Documents
Structured data include accounting summary, holding statement, customers’ address and demographic details, star ratings by customers, machines logs, etc.

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