Automate document driven custodian processes with AI-driven Romulus

Automate custody operations intelligently with Romulus 

Implement AI in custodian banking to exceed productivity, time, and accuracy expectations

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Creating Exponential Value for Custodial Services Businesses


Accuracy across Extraction & Validation Tasks


Reduction in manual effort 


Reduction in Turnaround Time

Accelerate Banking Processes with Romulus’s Breakthrough Technology

Automate to reduce the huge amounts of time spent manually extraction of relevant data

Intelligent Document Extraction

Romulus obtains data including Formation Documents, Agreements, Tax Documents, etc. from internal and external sources. It can intelligently extract relevant data.
Romulus intelligently reads, and cross-validates extracted data irrespective of document format or scan quality

Key-value pairs extraction and Data validation

Irrespective of the document format and/or the scan quality, Romulus intelligently reads, cross-validates extracted data and brings out the key-value pairs you need within it
Romulus normalises data and can export into any required format for further use, including CSV, Excel, Swift Formatted Excel, or to any API

Save output in industry-standard formats

Romulus can auto-export data for further processing to SWIFT, CSV or any desired file format, and can enable human-in-loop for review if necessary

Template-free approach to data extraction

Romulus can process any document with 100% accuracy irrespective of format variation and scan quality. Also, It can be pre-trained on a custom dictionary to develop client-specific intelligence.
Only automation solution that takes a template-free approach to extract data
#1 turnkey human-in-loop enterprise platform delivering superior success#1 turnkey human-in-loop enterprise platform delivering superior success

Manage exceptions keeping human in the loop

Romulus, unlike OCR, can auto-detects, validate and correct errors based on historical data, contextual clues and/or validation rules. It is maker-checker ready, that can enable human controls as necessary

Free-up time and resources wasted in manual, repetitive work

Romulus is capable of self-supervised learning from the user's behavior and can auto-apply the gained knowledge in the future to avoid time wasted on repetitive actions
Implement Romulus to automate handle high-volume, repetitive tasks, accurately
Romulus is ISO 27001:2013 certified, comes with role-based access control, 2factor authentication, and more

Provides enterprise-grade security

Romulus is ISO 27001 certified and comes with enterprise-grade security, role-based access control & audit trails that are compliant with financial services requirements

World’s largest custodian banks achieved success in reducing processing expenses with Romulus


Hours saved in customer service delivery


Delays for customer account changes


Saved on systems migration


Bots in production
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Romulus is built with the domain expertise of over 40 years experience

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