Leverage advanced technology to automate, streamline and standardize Client Due Diligence (CDD)

Streamline KYC and AML compliance processes with Romulus

Automate core due diligence processes to shrink cost, risk and regulatory burden

See Romulus in action

Delivering Business Value to Major Financial & Banking Institutions


Accuracy across Extraction & Validation Tasks


Reduction in manual effort involved in KYC/AML checks


Improvement in Turnaround Time

Revamp KYC and AML Processes with Best-In-Class AI-Based Automation

 Reduce the huge amounts of time spent manually digitizing customer documents

Smart digitization of customer declarations

Romulus smartly digitizes & extracts pertinent data from customer’s Formation Documents, Brokerage & Bank Statements, Source of Funds/Source of Wealth documents etc.
Romulus automatically process the data, and manage the entire KYC processing cycle

Cross-Validation with confidence

Romulus validates the extracted data against customer’s declarations and business policy requirements. Runs an inter, intra-document and third party databases checks for anomaly detection.
Romulus applies a data-driven contextual approach to client risk assessment

Information discovery for risk management

Romulus unlocks cross-selling/up-selling opportunities, automates data-lineage, pattern discovery to maintain responsiveness to compliance and risk mitigation.

Automates document gathering

Romulus, pre-trained on 125+ document types, can process unstructured/ structured documents and classify them based on their source, type, content or a combination thereof without manual effort at all
Romulus with in-built robotic process automation capabilities can handle high-volume, repetitive tasks, easily
Ensure greater accuracy using automated KYC and AML processes

Ensures high accuracy regardless of document type

Romulus, unlike OCR, can auto-detect, validate and correct errors based on historical data, contextual clues and/or validation rules. It is maker-checker ready, that can enable human controls as necessary

Offers enterprise-grade security

Romulus is ISO 27001 certified and comes with enterprise-grade security, access control & audit trails that are compliant with financial services requirements
Romulus is ISO 27001:2013 certified, comes with role-based access control, 2factor authentication, and more

Romulus eased KYC at the largest private bank of Europe


Hours saved in customer service delivery


Delays for customer account changes


Saved on systems migration


Bots in production
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Automate the processing of unstructured data to derive insights

Romulus’s Intelligent Document Processing

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Romulus’s Intelligent Entity Management

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Automate the processing of unstructured data to derive insights

Romulus’s Intelligent  Information Discovery

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